Anasayfa / Old Safranbolu Houses

Old Safranbolu Houses


Old houses of Safranbolu are tourist attractions.They are white and they usually have a 2 or 3 floors.Some old houses are museums now and you caN learn a lot of things about lifestyle of people in the past. People in Safranbolu are friendly.Safranbolu is famous with its Safranbolu Turkish deligth. Bağlar coke is a popular drink in Safranbolu. The Safranbolu Turkish delight is so delicous that you can’t help eating it.If you are interested in handmade clothes and household appliances, you should go there and buy them.

Old Safranbolu Houses are very specif because of their architecture. These hosuses are the best examples of Ottomans architecture. They also show us that Ottomans lived in big houses and they had big families. Moreover, The Safranbolu old houses symbolize the wealtness of people who live in that perod.

Safranbolu has got nearly 2000 old houses . Approximately, 800 of those are under protection.

The old houses have got gardens with Stone walls. The Safranbolu houses have got double wing doors.In some houses , there are two doors because of tradition of separate quarters.

Windows of Safranbolu Houses are narrow and long.You can see many Windows in these houses.


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