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About Safranbolu


spring: full season  Summer: you can go autumn: you can go winter: not ideal nice examples of wooden architecture in Safranbolu full … ceiling and wall decorations, indoor pools, stairs, windows and doors that go to another world. Safranbolu … freeze … the place of history During the 3-thousand-year history, …

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Outside Safranbolu

Outside Safranbolu Safranbolu has spectacular areas of natural beauty an cultural and historical buildings . Big forests, canyons and valleys all offer activities trekking, mountaineering and cycling In the outside of Safranbolu attraction centers are Ancekaya Aqueduct and canyon, Yoruk Village houses, Bulak and Hizar Caverns, rock tombs, Duzce Canyons. …

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SOUVENIRS TO BUY IN SAFRANBOLU 1)The evil eye bead 2)Pottery 3)Jewellery 4)Safranbolu Turkish delight 5)Handmade clothes 6)Homemade foods 7) Knickknack THE EVIL EYE BEADS IN SAFRANBOLU In every culture,there are interesting beliefs. Some symbols and actions bring good luck or bad luck. People believe this idea. In Turkey,the evi leye …

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ABOUT TURKEY AND SAFRANBOLU Turkey has a lot of attractions for tourists.Turkey is a paradise fort he sun, sea ,mountain,lakes and cultural heritages. Beaches are main attractions of Turkey.These places are always crowded in summer or in winter.You can see a lot of tourists in Antalya,Kuşadası,Bodrum and Marmaris.Turkey also has …

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Location and Geographical Characteristic of Safranbolu

Location and Geographical Characteristic of Safranbolu Safranbolu is located at west of Black Sea Region of Türkiye 65 kms inland from the sea and its coordinates are 41 degree 1 6 minute northern latitude, 32 degree 41 minute eastern longitude. Safranbolu is town of Karabük Province which is only 8 …

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Worldcity Safranbolu

Humankind has started to question himself more in modern times. Everything we do build, demolish, produce disclose us and our sins and good deeps run head to head. This is a disturbing outcome. When we look back, we should be proud of what we see proud of our history, our …

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