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Advises for visitors of SAFRANBOLU

If you visit Safranbolu , you had better eat Safranbolu Turkish delight. Because it is the most delicous in Turkey. You can also drink Turkish coffee in Safranbolu because there are cafes that make the turkish coffee perfectly.YOU can also eat turkish food Gözleme,it is also very delicous indeed..

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SAFRANBOLU is a living history

With its traditional houses , Safranbolu is living history. There are about 2000 houses which are under protection. Safranbolu is the capital of preservation. If you are interested in museum, you had better to see Safranbolu.Because Safranbolu is an open museum.In Safranbolu, each house is a museum which reflects the ...

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From İstanbul and Ankara there are most buses to arrive Karabük, then you can get on a minibus for the short transfer to historical town ,Safranbolu. In Safranbolu, most probably, you will get off in the modern part of SAFRABOLU, from there buses will leave you to Old Safranbolu . ...

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The Cultural Heritas Safranbolu

THE CULTURAL HERITAGE SAFRANBOLU Safranbolu is dominantly a city of Otoman period. Still,Safranbolu is mainly the city of 18th and 19th century. Since Safranbolu is a unique sample of city arrchitecture, there is no need to new styles for city architecture and culture.In Safranbolu, there is one thing we need ...

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