Anasayfa / Safranbolu Introduction

Safranbolu Introduction


Our country,Turkey,is very rich in national and cultural heritage.In UNESCO list, there are nine heritages from TURKEY.

1) Old houses in SAFRANBOLU

2) Troy in ÇANAKKALE

3) Göreme National Park and The Fairy chimneys.

4) Ulu mosque in SİVAS

5) Historic areas in ISTANBUL

6) Hattusha in YOZGAT

7) Nemrut Moubtain in ADIYAMAN

8) Hierapolis in PAMUKKALE

9) Xanthos near ANTALYA

The population of Safranbolu is a bit more than 50.000. The city is in the 200 km North of ANKARA.

Safranbolu gets its popularity from its houses that have a Ottoman special architecture. These Old houses are perfect samples that shows Ottoman society life of 18th and 19th centuries. These magnificent old houses which carry the reflection of close-crowded family structure, richness and local atmosphere properties are defined as “Five sided architecture” .

Old houses of Safranbolu are tourist attractions.They are white and they usually have a 2 or 3 floors.Some old houses are museums now and you cab learnalot of things about lifestyle of people in the past. People in Safranbolu are friendly.Safranbolu is famous with its Safranbolu Turkish deligth. Bağlar coke is a popular drink in Safranbolu. The Safranbolu Turkish delight is so delicous that you can’t help eating it.If you are interested in handmade clothes and household appliances, you should go there and buy them.


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