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Why Safranbolu

Safranbolu is one of the utmost examples of a well preserved human habitation in its original surroundings in the world. Calling Safranbolu as “The Capital of preserved cultures” is quite suitable since the preservation has been accomplished at a city scale. Safranbolu is the result of wealth and prosperity gained at the most powerful period of Ottoman years and the accumulation of a long lasting history and culture. Today, Safranbolu is a special city which carries all characteristics of traditional Turkish daily living and present its historical and cultural properties in its original surroundings to the people of the world.

There are numerous historical places in the city, 1120 of which are under protection. This number constitutes an important portion of 50 thousand historical places which are under protection all over Turkey. Those places which are under protection at two different locations turned Safranbolu to a vast museum. Although the concept of a vast museum have been critisized from time to time by specialists since the concept does not comprise active protection, it has been accepted as one of the best definitions that describes Safranbolu in terms of expressing the greatness of the heritage.

Its rich cultural heritage and its success at preserving it, has made Safranbolu famous in the country and worldwide and justifiably earned it a place on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1994.

Initially, Safranbolu received attention for its traditional Turkish homes. With its beautiful nature, its historical background and by setting an example on preserving its culture at a city scale, the interest grows everyday and today Safranbolu is one of the most important cultural centers among historical and touristic places.

There are several books and studies written on Safranbolu, however the publications which are available are usually either scientific studies or books with insufficient information. The people who are interested in Safranbolu have a consider Die demand for an easily available, general introductory book.


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