Anasayfa / History of Safranbolu

History of Safranbolu

The very known history of Safranbolu goes back nearly 3000 B.C .Safranbolu was held from different powers in its history. The town was is in the area of Roman Province of Paphlagonia in ancient time. Safranbolu was also mentioned on sculpture of Flaviopolis, Theodoropolis, Hadrianopolis, Germia ve Dadybra . It is also well- known that the city was named as Theodorapolis and Dadybra before Turks. In Seljukians era, and Ottomans, the name of city was Zalifre, Tarakli Borglu,Zagfiran Benderli, Zagfiranbolu and after 1940, it was became Safranbolu.

Safranbolu was also dominated by Roman,(Safranbolu was governed by Byzantine after the split of Roman empire) Seljuk and OTTOMAN.
There are traces proving that Turks settled in the region at the beginning of 10th century.In 1074,Byzantian army was attacked by Turkomans.The son of Sultan second Kılıçarslan ,Muhittin MESUT SAH, conquered the region in 1196.By the way, the region was held by SELJUKIAN.
The conquerer of Rumeli,ŞEHZADE GAZİ SÜLEYMAN PASHA, took over the region in1354.By the way, Ottomans took over the region in 1354.Sometimes OTTOMAN armies took over the region sometimes Candaroğlu armies.

In Otoman era,Safranbolu was very impotant junction on the way of silk road. The main function of city was being stopover for Camel caravans. Safranbolu was also a trading center and a center for saffron flower.Today saffron is still very important item. The city gets its name from saffron. (In Greek mythology, Crocos fell in love with the pretty nymph Smilax. His feelings were rejected by Smilax, and he was turned into saffron. The saffron come from the Arab word zafaran, meaning yellow, the Bible is also mention about saffron.)


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