Yazar: Safranbolu

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    spring: full season  Summer: you can go autumn: you can go winter: not ideal nice examples of wooden architecture in Safranbolu full … ceiling and wall decorations, indoor pools, stairs, windows and doors that go to another world. Safranbolu … freeze … the place of history During the 3-thousand-year history, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman civilizations…

  • Advises for visitors of SAFRANBOLU

    If you visit Safranbolu , you had better eat Safranbolu Turkish delight. Because it is the most delicous in Turkey. You can also drink Turkish coffee in Safranbolu because there are cafes that make the turkish coffee perfectly.YOU can also eat turkish food Gözleme,it is also very delicous indeed..

  • SAFRANBOLU is a living history

    With its traditional houses , Safranbolu is living history. There are about 2000 houses which are under protection. Safranbolu is the capital of preservation. If you are interested in museum, you had better to see Safranbolu.Because Safranbolu is an open museum.In Safranbolu, each house is a museum which reflects the Ottoman’s lifestyle. You feel like…


    Safranbolu Asmalı Konak hotel reflects traditional Ottoman houses.It consist of 11 rooms.It has got all features of a standart  hotel.It is reasonable for both prices and accomadation.It is only 70 TL


    From İstanbul and Ankara there are most buses to arrive Karabük, then you can get on a minibus for the short transfer to historical town ,Safranbolu. In Safranbolu, most probably, you will get off in the modern part of SAFRABOLU, from there buses will leave you to Old Safranbolu . To travel Yörükköy, or İncekaya…


    The rooms of Safranbolu hotels were clean and had all the character traditional Ottoman houses. The breakfast was the common l Turkish traditional breakfast .At The SAFRANBOLU HOTEL The beds were comfortable. The toilet was quiet clean.. The historic and cultural Ottoman areas of Safranbolu are like a open- museum. Hatice Hanum Konagi is actually…


    Safranbolu is both cultural and historical heritage. Safranbolu is famous with its historical houses. Day by day,Safranbolu is becoming popular city in the world because of it’s magnificient appearance. Why is Safranbolu popular with it’s houses? The answer is easy. Safranbolu is respect it’s historical roots. Safranbolu hotels is also historical like Safranbolu houses.

  • History and Today live in Safranbolu together

    History and Today live in Safranbolu together Resim kaynak: www.fotokaradeniz.com Respect is the key to happiness. There are a lot of different people and cultures around the world.There are thousands of different thoughts and faiths. If we respect each other’s opionons , the world can be a more peaceful place. Imagine Safranbolu.In Safranbolu, history and…