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Humankind has started to question himself more in modern times. Everything we do build, demolish, produce disclose us and our sins and good deeps run head to head. This is a disturbing outcome.
When we look back, we should be proud of what we see proud of our history, our social values and ourselves. This should be our basic standart of judgement while evaluating humanity.
We are the members of a big family which have billions of members in a small world, smaller than ever.
The awareness of our humanity and being an individual makes us see the power of social heritage. However selfishness and having no principles are still destructive social diseases.
Safranbolu still stands and breathes out new life into us in a corrupted world where all relations are artificial, love and friendship is diminishing, rapidly. It is also a symbol of one of our last resistance points, as the last fortress standing firm, last town which has not been left the last living history and culture…
We look for the warmth of our childhood in street-door of houses, in door handles, in courtyards, in stair-heads, beside the furnace and in windows. We find the most of our dreams here in Safranbolu.
Safranbolu should not be thought solely comprised of historical houses, mansions, inns, Turkish baths, squares and streets. You will feel its calmness slowly like an open sea and it will fascinate you and take you to another place to another time.
Safranbolu will quench if you are thirsty for beauty, love, respect, tolarence, goodness, rightness. Safranbolu is a refuge for people who are tired and disappointed. Safranbolu belongs to all of us. This is the true place of universality.
We question all the lost values, new and destroyed buildings, new streets, removed ceilings, a door needs repair, a wall needs to be plastered, a stolen stone, contaminated water, disposed trash in Safranbolu for the sake of our country and all humanity. Please do the same for your own town while we are still able to control everything, October 1999 Safranbolu.
Celal ULU SOY District Governor

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  1. Turkey has a lot of attractions for tourists.Turkey is a paradise fort he sun, sea ,mountain,lakes and cultural heritages.
    Beaches are main attractions of Turkey.These places are always crowded in summer or in winter.You can see a lot of tourists in Antalya,Kuşadası,Bodrum and Marmaris.Turkey also has a lot of historic places.You can travel to the past in cities like Ephesus,Aspendus,Pergmon and Safranbolu.


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