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spring: full season  Summer: you can go autumn: you can go winter: not ideal nice examples of wooden architecture in Safranbolu full … ceiling and wall decorations, indoor pools, stairs, windows and doors that go to another world. Safranbolu … freeze … the place of history During the 3-thousand-year history, ...

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SAFRANBOLU is a living history

With its traditional houses , Safranbolu is living history. There are about 2000 houses which are under protection. Safranbolu is the capital of preservation. If you are interested in museum, you had better to see Safranbolu.Because Safranbolu is an open museum.In Safranbolu, each house is a museum which reflects the ...

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BEING IN SAFRANBOLU You are very tired after many works or exams.So you are very tired and bored so what will you do ? Let’s take your back-pack after putting a few clothes and your tootbursh in it .Of course, you will buy a notebook and some pencils and a ...

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