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The Cultural Heritas Safranbolu


Safranbolu is dominantly a city of Otoman period. Still,Safranbolu is mainly the city of 18th and 19th century. Since Safranbolu is a unique sample of city arrchitecture, there is no need to new styles for city architecture and culture.In Safranbolu, there is one thing we need “Preservation”

In 1975, with the help of being the year for “WORLD HERITAGE” and cooperation with
Universities, local goverment started to preservation.

In 1985, Çarşı and Bağlar were accepted as historical sites and a lot of buildings and civil architectural are taken under protection.

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  1. SAFRANBOLU should be protected by everybody.You are impressed by Safranbolu when you come.

    Safranbolu has got spectecular historical monuments.Especially mosques are really very nice.

    I like Safranbolu delight. I think Safranbolu Turkish delight is the most delicious Turkish delight in the world. I srongl recommand that you shoul eat it.

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