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nice examples of wooden architecture in Safranbolu full … ceiling and wall decorations, indoor pools, stairs, windows and doors that go to another world. Safranbolu … freeze … the place of history During the 3-thousand-year history, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Ottoman civilizations lived, such as Safranbolu, history of silk road, kastamonu needed – istanbul sector is in a position on an important … In 1976, “urban and natural sites of” declared. At the end of 1994 by UNESCO, “World heritage list,” what with the “world city” was. How to get there? Istanbul and Ankara in the way of special tools, freeway access and more comfortable to e-5 Gerede junction, tissue architecture and green vegetation with the different activities, the western Black Sea in the north go 90 miles, can compare to Safranbolu. Some parts are damaged asphalt road, usually gives you a comfortable journey. signal light after Gerede way to the right of return in the direction of the mastiff, who followed breathe, the smoke from the chimney where the environment raddle front of the iron and steel plant, first to Karabuk, 8 miles and then come to Safranbolu. bus between the cargo, europe, ulusoy, war, trust companies, such as buses, the safranbolu’nu provides links with other provinces. Where to stay? as do a host of long-term accommodation facilities for the inconvenience that Safranbolu, the facility director-general of the steel turkey turing car agency and was restored in the region pool their efforts gülersoy’un mansion known as “not as a host” and gained. hosts the most important feature of the region again has the character of the services furnished to the hotel … “turing turkey car body by the first accommodation facility to Safranbolu, as do a host of …” not as a host, the entrance floor of the pool, guests with unique decor is a separate living atmosphere. The hotel laid on by the original stick, $ 40 two-person bed and breakfast. Corner rooms are larger, 50 dollars … 70 dollars normal room half-board, corner room has treated over 80 dollars. ties deligözler home is another place to stay in Safranbolu, allowing you to feel at home kendizini time being and the family handed hilmi Uluçınar, deligözler bond house. need room, both with business and food, a place to be every time you want to stay. between between cafes, bars, hostels, Safranbolu market in the traditional Turkish house architecture-specific capacity of 24 beds. possible bed and breakfast to stay … Tahsin Bey house türk home with another plant decoration. Has 7 rooms. the host hotel, ladies hatice One of his own house in Safranbolu, hatice ladies house. Consists of 3 floors in the mansion, 11 rooms is located. name in gold, just as the second host, has 6 rooms. In the third host 10 rooms has a name of place alıyor.otelin every room. at the hotel once used as part of the animal barns, the hotel today for our customers, cafe, bar and restaurant to serve as. to stay in a house in Safranbolu specific if you want, this is among the other alternatives. What is edible? in Safranbolu “Safranbolu sergeant known as type grapes are being cultivated, it can taste really, really difficult. because it gave its name to the city, such as the saffron plant, grow hard to find. but in recent years, growing reputation and firmly with the Safranbolu Turkish delight, “Cevizli helvası leaf” then do not leave here without tasting. with whitening properties and eflani getirilen by the walnut tree roots Cove plant – with a mixture of sugar candy made from walnut leaves for lunch, instead of chewing, the mouth is enough to keep. Another dessert that melts in the mouth, all the houses of Safranbolu for holidays in the tray, the tray of baklava home. grilled chicken and warming in the hotel between the famous taste of the can. Aşiyan types of pancakes in restaurants, water pie, ravioli, house diamond-and after-dinner treat with the saffron Zerde can eat dessert. shopping the blacksmith in Safranbolu, YEMENİCİ and coppersmith and Semerci of professional groups such as the bazaar, the authentic items and accessories manufactured can see, the gift of Safranbolu Houses relief tables, miniature wooden model of the window you can buy. on the one hand, traditions of local people trying to live without distortion, while further increasing the number of tourists each year with demand, “Safranbolu, in the basement of the way to becoming” What a shame to say that! not neglected. halva and Turkish delight from the leaves of Safranbolu Cevizli be sure to receive. interesting places Safranbolu, rock tombs, cinci han, hamam, history of the mosque, the Arasta YEMENİCİ the incekaya aqueducts, the tannery, the old government house, a clock tower, fountains, tombs, and to innumerable hosts, protected with which to work in 1008. of course it works in Safranbolu is not finished. Safranbolu we visited the city 11 km. comments on distance of the village, 20 km. davutobası in distance, 28 km. features was worth seeing in the distance hacıobası. Albanian kaldırımlı streets, all of them homes solar field, the market visit, you may be witness to immediately take pictures of everyone immediately. city in the strict sense of a shooting platform. Houses, windows, door knockers and Semerci the blacksmith shop and a souvenir, the details and have so many objects that capture images, amateur, professional all the races. the film after the trip to spend this fotosafaride you will not believe. The oldest clock tower 18 and 19 century, today the life of Turkish society, the Safranbolu houses 2 – 3 floors, with 6 to 8 rooms, creating a common character, nice examples of architecture found in the region is wood. ceiling and wall decorations, indoor pools, stairs, windows and doors of the houses are different and take place around the narrow streets, you feel yourself in the open air museum. the hill and watch doyasıya Safranbolu Hıdırlık the city at the top of the former government of the host, can see the clock tower. Clock tower dated 1797, is located within the Ottoman clock tower and the clock is still working with weight machines is the oldest. oldest government building in the back yard of the prison tower height of 12 meters. plain square tower damlı in history, the clock-face is 1:20 m diameter. 200-year time clock is showing the machine direction of the left. bell 90 kg in the right direction when operated by weight, 8 days to dry. phones as do a host of tel: 0370 7252883 ties deligözler home hilmi Uluçınar Mobile: 0532 296 7699 mehveş lady house tel: 0370 712 87 87 between the hotel tel: 0370 7124170 Tahsin Bey house tel: 0370 7126062 the host hotel, ladies hatice tel: 0370 7127545 – 712 87 45-46 Kadioglu hotels tel: 0370 7125657 tel: 0370 7252762 fax: 0370 7125657 environment for travel tel: 0370 7126062 Houses for hostels tel: 0370 7126062 tourist information tel: 0370 7123863 YEMENİCİ of the Arasta

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