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Safranbolu Öğretmenevi

Safranbolu evleri ingilizce tanıtımı

A Few Characteristic of Safranbolu houses
All of the 1-Safranbolu houses does not prevent someone never a sun.
2-Safranbolu glass of the house does not look Camina other neighboring houses.
3-Safranbolu houses usually consist of two or three times.
4-Input floors bile bears usually cold as ice deposudur.ağustos supplies.
5-Safranbolu privacy of their home-based interior designer said a new haremlik konusudur.y to salute.
Uses common 6-called sofa at home in ortabol has a large pool ..
7-Safranbolu the ceiling of the house is dominated by the Company have a wonderful wood carvings are very strong and.
8-Safranbolu room flanked by the men entertained guests with cooking at home.
9-Turkey's misafirpervelig There is an absolute need his room toilet and bathroom approx.
10- One 2 nested door of the house There is a small one big knockers. Small doorknob He took the female guests were players in a high-pitched voice. This sound to look at the house, he went to meet women giderdi.erkek Visitors müsafir thick rings were male members of the house.

11 great feasts eyes of a ceiling decorations hakimdir.ahşap labor smell in the house on my reeks.

12.Sokak Inc. paved courtyard of the house that is cobbled. Minimizing the moisture, it prevents the formation of root trees as the flood waters will be enough to take the water to be achieved.

13. For people warm in the hearth of the home is Var. ISE stove obtained from other rooms to be that KOZLER is taken.

14. We have 18 the 19th century, Safranbolu. Logged 20th century. In early 2000 near the host Safranbolu Houses are unique beauty of Turkish architecture There MADE.

15 Safranbolu houses to public buildings in the center, has been dull as Insa religious structures.

16 away from the front of the house we have plans in a position to watch each other open, front Close KOR plan.

houses of Safranbolu

17. There were leaving the windows. woodwork narrow IS is great.

There is a great 18.Safranbolu City Planning.

All 19 Safranbolu houses to public buildings by themselves in a more central position, we are looking to monuments to religious buildings.

20 houses planned as a 2 or 3-storey Inc. Structure 6 in a large family in mind if I visited as 8 rooms mUştUrlAr

Safranbolu houses Features

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