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Location and Geographical Characteristic of Safranbolu

Location and Geographical Characteristic of Safranbolu
Safranbolu is located at west of Black Sea Region of Türkiye 65 kms inland from the sea and its coordinates are 41 degree 1 6 minute northern latitude, 32 degree 41 minute eastern longitude. Safranbolu is town of Karabük Province which is only 8 kms away from the center of the city. It has been surrounded by Karabük (central town, Ovacık, Eflani), Bartın (Ulus) and Kastamonu (Araç
It is possible to reach the town by three different roads. 82 kms long road to Karabük coming from Ankara-Istanbul highway seperated at Gerede, continues from here for 8 kms and reachs Safranbolu. At the north of the town there is Bartın and at the east Kastamonu. It’s possible to reach Karabük city center by railways. Transportation by airways has not been established yet.

The town is surrounded by hills and mountains. The lowest point is 300 meters and the highest point is 1750 meters high. The lowest point at the city center is 400 meters and the highest point is 600 meters high. The area of the town is 1013 square kms mostly covered with forests.

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    Safranbolu is dominantly a city of Otoman period. Still,Safranbolu is mainly the city of 18th and 19th century. Since Safranbolu is a unique sample of city arrchitecture, there is no need to new styles for city architecture and culture.In Safranbolu, there is one thing we need “Preservation”

    In 1975, with the help of being the year for “WORLD HERITAGE” and cooperation with
    Universities, local goverment started to preservation.

    In 1985, Çarşı and Bağlar were accepted as historical sites and a lot of buildings and civil architectural are taken under protection.

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