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You are very tired after many works or exams.So you are very tired and bored so what will you do ?
Let’s take your back-pack after putting a few clothes and your tootbursh in it .Of course, you will buy a notebook and some pencils and a photographer because you will take some notes and take photograps during Safranbolu journey. First you will take photograhs of traditional Safranbolu Houses .You will take photograhs of Safranbolu Houses and you will impressed by the Ottoman civil architectural
Then you will see beautiful Safranbolu mosques .They are also heritages from Ottoman in Safranbolu whereever you turn or whereever you go, you come across with a historical place . You couldn’t help taking photographs.
You will forget to live in today. You will live in history.

And you will take these notes:

1- Safranbolu is a Historical city. There are many old buildings museums. In short, everywhere smells history in Safranbolu.
2- Safranbolu also a cultural center and the city is definetely fantastic
3- There are many kinds of foods in Safanbolu and they are very delicious. They taste perfect
Espercially Turkish delights in Safranbolu, first you take just one and you couldn’t help eating it
4- People in Safranbolu are very welcoming .They always try to help you .They do everything for you
5- Safranbolu hotels are very fashionable and cheap. In Safranbolu hotels you feel as if you are at home.Safranbolu hotels have perfect services but they don’t demand much Money. Moreover, Safranbolu hotels have perfect sightseeing.You feel relax and you feel as if you are in 17.century in Safranbolu hotels. Not only Safranbolu houses are traditional and perfect architecture but also Safranbolu Hotels.

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